Business concept

SuncoTech’s business concept is:
"to develop, commission the manufacture of, and sell quality-assured handling equipment for pulp bales and paper rolls to the cellulose industry, and saw and handling equipment to the board industry. We also provide service and spare parts to these customer groups. The company’s primary geographic market is the Nordic region, but also the rest of Europe."

SuncoTech has the following strategies for reaching its objectives of profitability, quality, environment and delivery reliability:

  • to use recognised technology and standardised components.
  • to use materials, components and methods that have a minimum of environmental impact.
  • to ensure that our work methods and work environments do not cause injury to the company’s staff.
  • to ensure that the company’s employees are given further training in their professional roles and technologies.
  • to use cost-efficient marketing channels.
  • to find collaboration forms and alliances with noted companies in the industry.
  • to further develop the company's products at a financially justifiable pace, to consolidate the company's position in the market.
  • to make sure that all development stages are financed in advance.
  • to draw up meticulous cost calculations (both preliminary and post-production) for all the company’s products and marketing drives.
  • to use sub-contractors that maintain high levels of quality and competence.
  • to ensure that our owners, any financiers and suppliers receive requested information, with quality and on time.