Automation och industriell IT

Control technology
SuncoTech supplies systems and lines of machinery equipped with control and adjustment systems that are customised to individual needs. The group has many years’ experience of supplying systems used for controlling industrial production processes.

SuncoTech has developed in tandem with the progress in the development of components and system solutions. Advances in information technology has meant that industrial IT has become a key tool in our operations.

Technological progress has made it relatively simple to coordinate control and adjustment systems for one or more machines to fully automatic and programmable production lines. Master systems have been developed by a number of our suppliers and we have the competence and experience in most of them within our group.


Other services

SuncoTech also provides services for modernising older equipment and integrating new control and supervision equipment into existing production lines. In many cases, the operating interface in existing machinery can be enhanced, which helps to improve the work environment and enhance the production supervision process.