Bale handling

SuncoTech is a leading supplier of bale handling machinery and products. We have our own range, AutoStripper, an automatic dewiring system which comes in an assortment of different versions and models. The systems can naturally also be supplemented with accessories including conveyors and bale deflectors.

The AutoStripper range consists of automatic dewiring systems for regular single bales and large piles (with baling wire) for transportation. They are also available for Finnish domestic bale conveyors in various versions, e.g. turning tables, vertical conveyors, metal detectors, bale stackers/de-stackers, bale downenders, bale upenders, etc. See list below.

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Bale unit dewiring machine   Metal detection system
Bale unit dewiring unit   Wire winder
Bale dewiring machine   Wire coiler
Bale dewiring compact    
Chain conveyor   Overload guard
Hoistabel chain conveyor   Powered roller conveyor
Mobile chain conveyor   Powered roller conveyor (hoistable)
Turntable chain conveyor   Powered travelleling roller conveyor
Bale deflectors    
Bale stacker   Bale centring (Finnish bales)
Bale lifter