About the company

SuncoTech was founded in Sundsvall in 1994, but its traditions go back to the 1940s, when Stig H Grafström designed machinery for paper and pulp mills.

SuncoTech built its automatic bale dewiring machines under the Autostripper® registered trademark. Our systems are renowned throughout the industry and can be found in many European countries.

The Autostripper range has undergone continuous development. We have systems for international 200 – 250 kg bales and for Finnish domestic 1000 kg bales.

Related equipment such as conveyors, de-stackers, turners, bale deflectors, automatic wire detectors, etc. have been developed at the same time, yielding a comprehensive range of products for transporting and dewiring pulp bales.

In the late 1990s, the company concluded partnerships with companies that had know-how and designs for roll handling in paper mills. This know-how and experience has enriched SuncoTech’s operation and has enabled the company to begin providing complete roll handling ranges to its customers. SuncoTech now has a modern line of systems for both bale and roll handling.


The economic climate of the 2000s was turbulence for the group which then owned the company. SuncoTech was naturally also affected and eventually the company decided that a new owner should be found. The product portfolio included whole lines of roll handling equipment constructed by Modomekan and Conveyteknik.

SuncoTech is today part of a Sundsvall-based group which has a stable financial platform and has longstanding experience of automation projects for industrial manufacturing. The group also includes Elteknik Svenska AB which has more than 40 years’ experience in automation and industrial IT.

SuncoTech specialises in the handling of raw materials and finished products for industrial environments and chose to supplement its portfolio with systems for handling fibreboard. In 2003 HanteringsSystem, which owned the "Mohög" range of saws and handling equipment for fibreboard plants, was acquired. Mohög’s machinery has been available on the market since the early 1950s and is still the final word in dependability at chipboard plants all over the world.

We collaborate with many other companies in the region. This gives us access to specialist know-how and across-the-board experience. We are also a member of Åkroken Science Park.

SuncoTech today has accumulated a fantastic archive of designs from the early 1950s to the present day. And with our skilled, experienced technicians on board, we are creating the next generation of machinery for the forestry industry.