Quality and the environment

SuncoTech AB designs, builds and installs complete lines of machinery. We also sell individual systems and components for industrial use.

We always consult with the customer before the manufacturing stage begins to make sure that the documents for equipment and installation are correct, and to make the assembly process as efficient as possible. All without sacrificing quality and delivery reliability.

SuncoTech is supplier-independent, which means we can choose components and materials that meet our customers’ requirements and which are exposed to price competition in the market.

For production plants to function as efficiently as possible, the assembly process must also follow quality guidelines, and observe applicable norms and instructions.

At SuncoTech AB we care about the environment. We only use materials, components and methods that have a minimum of impact on the environment.

Quality and traceability
SuncoTech AB’s routines for documenting project status and administration creates traceability in each stage of the project, which means speedy information about which components and materials have been installed and which people have done the job. We use noted technologies and quality-assured standards as a matter of routine. This helps to minimise the risk of technical problems.

The continuous training of staff in new technical solutions, materials and methods puts SuncoTech ahead of its competitors. The exchange of know-how with suppliers and customers benefits all parties.

Our customers place great value on knowing which technicians are in charge of which project. We assign a project manager even for smaller projects – it adds value to both parties.

Delivery records
As we put the equipment together in our workshops, we perform function and quality tests and attach the results along with the project documents. Once the equipment is installed, all the functions have been tested in their intended environments and the results documented.

After completed delivery, a protocol is drawn up which attests that the equipment will function in the contracted manner and that it has been correctly assembled. Agreed documentation and manuals are given to the customer.