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Wire winder to Stora Enso, Kimerbly USA
SuncoTech have delivered a wire winder to Stora Enso, Kimberly USA.

A visit from Rexroth Bosch Group
On Monday 29 May, Rexroth Bosch Group performed a demonstration of its pneumatics programme. In the exhibition centre, an innovative smorgasbord of pneumatic solutions was laid on. The new star in the profile firmament was there, namely the innovative valve profile where the aluminium profile itself doubles as an air duct.


SuncoTech is Rexroth’s partner in Norrland in northern Sweden. SuncoTech has its own cut-off and assembly centre which means improved, speedier service for both companies’ customers. Our regular stock of aluminium profiles and accessories affords us the flexibility to meet our larger customers' need for speedy delivery.

Assembly of forming station, Byggelit Lit
This summer, SuncoTech will be performing assembly and welding work on the new forming station that ByggElit Lit has invested in. The work, a projected 1,680-hour process, also includes dismantling the old forming station.

ByggElit Lit has already invested in a complete line of saws from SuncoTech AB, both length and cross cutting saws with automatic positioning. The range is unique in that the gross length of the chipboard that traverses the cross-cut saw can go up to 12,600 mm. There are also 12 saw wagons, all positionable.

Assembly and start-up was performed in July 2005.

Korsnäs conveyors
SuncoTech has been commissioned by Korsnäs to refurbish 3 flat conveyors.

Hoistable packing boxes
SuncoTech has been collaborating with Elteknik Svenska AB to produce a new tool for operators in the manufacturing industry: a packing box with hoistable base and simple push-button operation. The box has its own battery and charger and can be operated either connected to the mains or without a mains connection.

It has been designed to make it simpler for the staff to pack products, with the added advantage that it eliminates the risk of harmful lifting. The equipment is today is up and running, and has proved very popular with the staff.

It is equipped with a weighing machine which can be read off on the display. To operate the box’s base, the handles are simple to detach. The attachments are located on both left and right sides of the box.

Plattform supplied
SuncoTech has supplied a platform built out of aluminium profiles for a glass making machine located at Emhart in Sundsvall.

Plattform to a glas machine