Roll handling

We proudly present Exroll, our own line of products for the roll handling segment, with handling solutions for all types of paper rolls.

Exroll is a range of belt and flat conveyors in different models - straight, turnable or adjustable. We also provide equipment such as roll lifters, roll elevators, brake hatches and label finders.

Below you will find products that can be used for roll handling. For product sheets in English, please contact us.


Roll handling equipment  
Roll kicker - receiver Roll upender
One or two-way belt tilter Roll rack - label finder
Floor conveyors & floor wagons Strech film packaging machine
Lifting cradle - lowering cradle Roll stop
Receiver - Roll kicker Roll stop with tilt
Roll elevator Turntable
Roll ramp  
Belt conveyor, horizontal rollers Turntable belt conveyor
Belt conveyor, vertical rollers Flat conveyor
Pallet handling  
Pallet centering Pallet turner